iTunes Video Store: U.S. Only?!?!

Posted: June 12, 2006 in software
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Maybe it’s just me, but i keep hoping that one of these days i’ll see an announcement like this that applies to ALL the iTunes stores and not just the United States store.
Why don’t we have it here in Canada? Do we not have enough TVs (approx. 700 tvs per 1000 people) or computers (approx. 390 per 1000 people), compared with our southern neighbours (840 tvs and 585 computers per 1000).

It would seem us canadians will have to settle for downloads from some of the television networks and MTV, at least until Apple figures out there is a viable market here. Of course this is good news for another company that is trying to fill the void, Mobovivo (, which right now is Canada’s only fee-charging download site for television, and instead of fighting against Apple’s dominance in the portable MP3 market, they are embracing it and making content available for download to an iPod.



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