Apple Market Share – What does it mean to Mac users?

Posted: July 21, 2006 in Apple, computers, Mac OSX
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To see Apple’s portion of the PC market climbing is a good thing, within reason.  Right now we as mac users are pretty safe from two of the main problems that windows users must face each day – viruses and spyware/adware/malware.

If Apple gets too much of the market share, it may bring about more interest by the hackers and virus creators, and then we could be in for the same trouble as our poor windows brethren.

Apple says… To get a sense of just how big the virus problem is, search for “virus” at both Apple and Microsoft. Compare the number of results. What’s more, the 100 most virulent attacks cause 99.9% of damage from malicious software. None of these attacks work on a Mac. Don’t you deserve such protection?” sounds good, but what happens when the people writing these viruses decide Apple is big enough to start attacking.  I’m not sure taunting the hackers is such a good idea, but the good people over at Apple must have thought of that too and be confident they are on top of the situation.

But, getting back to what the larger market share means to the average mac user.  From a positive perspective, it should mean we will see more software written for the mac, whether it is written specifically for mac or ported does not matter as long as we get a better selection of software in the end.  Also, potentially more hardware developers will become interested in the mac platform and see it as a viable option when it comes to creating new toys, gadgets or  add-ons.  Maybe we can stop feeling like the poor cousin when it comes to the latest and greatest games and peripherals.

Time will tell, I for one see it as a good thing and don’t expect Apple to take over and become number one in the PC market, more than likely they will battle for the second spot for some time, but it’s not always a bad thing being number two.  In fact sometimes being number 2 gives you time to avoid the potholes and pitfalls that number one stumbles through.



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