iTunes – Is it time to change the name?

Posted: September 15, 2006 in Apple, software, Windows
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Apple released a major update to the iTunes program this week, adding the ability (for the united states anyway) to download movies from the Itunes store. It strikes me as a little strange to refer to it as the Itunes store, when its not just “tunes” anymore.
Anyway, after spending a few days with the program, i’m really liking it. Sure it has a few things that seem wonky, but remember it’s a new version 7.0, and you can bet there will be a 7.0.1 in a few weeks if not sooner.

The ability to grab album art from the iTunes music store is a cool feature, when it works. It seems to be very picky as to what your album is called, which, while it makes sense, it would be nice if you got a listing of suggested matches or something. Also, many older albums are not available on the itunes store, so if you are like me and have a bunch of 80’s and 90’s music on your ‘puter you may be out of luck.

The missing equalizer is something i don’t understand. Was the little button just taking up too much room, or did someone decide it was not necessary? Now i have to go to a menu to turn it on or off or adjust settings, which seems silly. Also, before it was a little reminder to me that the eq was on and i would turn it off before burning a cd, now i have to remember to shut it off ahead of time and with my finite brain capacity having little visual reminders was better than relying on memory.

I really like the way i could connect all 3 ipods at once, I’m not sure if this was possible before or not, but with the new software for the ipods and the new iTunes software, it was very easy for me to see which ipod was which (the little icons for the pink mini, the white nano, and the shuffle are very cool) and copy files onto them for the varying musical tastes of my girls.

The subfolders in Library for “Movies” and “TV Shows” are kind of like a slap in the face to us unfortunate canucks who don’t have this feature yet though. Fingers crossed we get it soon once the lawyers figure out all that legality mumbo jumbo.

One more thing I quite like is the downloading process and the neat little progress indicators. I almost want to buy more songs just to watch that cool feature. Overall I see it as a good update to an already good program, but as I said when i started this entry, maybe we are heading for a name change “iMedia” or “iLibrary” anyone? We are kinda running out of “i” names aren’t we.


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