The ongoing wireless escapades

Posted: December 7, 2006 in hardware, technology
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This is the third entry about my ongoing experiences with my wireless modem, and should be the last, since it looks like I’m getting a good steady signal now without all the intermittent dropouts i have been experiencing.

I did a little thinking and a little investigating and determined that changing the antenna on my wireless router may be the best way to increase the signal strength into my house from my barn, which if you have been following along is where my wireless modem is located. It came to me that if I could direct the signal towards the house instead of letting it emanate equally in all directions, I may get a better and more constant signal. So after a little online searching (which was frustrating with my flaky wireless signal) I determined that a d-link uni-directional antenna to match my d-link router should work, and was a relatively inexpensive experiment if it failed. So I headed to the nearest big box retailer that had one in stock, bought it, brought it home and replaced the standard antennae with it. I aimed it as best I could towards the middle of the wall closest to the house and adjusted the angle slightly and anxiously went back into the house to see what kind f signal strength and noise I was now getting.

Strangely the signal strength did not seem much better and increase of about 10%, but it was definitely consistent and spread throughout the house better than with the stock antenna I had before. I can now sit in most rooms in the house and be connected, whereas before i had to find a sweet spot in the house and try not to move at all and hope no clouds or gusts of wind or even rain got in the way of my touchy connection.

So in summing it all up – you can get a good signal from a neighbouring building as long as you have patience and a good antenna on your router.


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