So, a few weeks have passed…. still loving my MacBook

Posted: January 12, 2007 in Apple, computers, hardware
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I’m a true laptop user – by that i mean I sit with my laptop actually on my lap, no mouse, no external peripherals, and preferably no cords of any kind. So why am i telling you this? It’s a little history behind why i waited for the MacBook, instead of getting a MacBook Pro when they came out.

Don’t get me wrong the MBP is a great mac, and anyone should be happy to have one, it’s just not the right mac for me simply because of the size. I had a 15” powerbook a few years back and while it was great for most things to have the extra screen real estate, i found it a little large to be just sitting on my lap, that and the slot loading cd/dvd drive on the front popping out into my belly made no sense to me.

Anyway, getting back to the issue at hand – my BlackBook as I prefer to call it. I have been using the heck out of it throwing every program I normally use (and even some i don’t) at it to see how it performs and for the most part I am very impressed. Even using autocad 2004 with Parallels running winxp, is relatively responsive, and works well enough that I can stop running into the office and firing up an actual Windows Pc when I just need to use acad for a few minutes. For me this is a big deal, and well worth the price of admission alone, but add to that ability the fact that all the normal iLife programs I use now respond much quicker and render faster, the core2duo macbook of mine is a treat to use.

One thing that I noticed is the integrated video card can really affect battery time if you are doing anything extremely intense graphically. Most of the standard video apps, photo apps, or even autocad don’t seem to affect the battery much, but when i fire up Second Life i can see the battery time left drop in half right off the bat. Also, Second Life is taxing the cpu a little and the first time i heard the fans in my BlackBook come on, it was after “playing” for about 10 or 15 minutes. Fortunately the fans are not overly noisey, so I don’t find it annoying, unlike some reports I have read about the earlier MacBook model.

Macs are a bit of a quilty pleasure with me. I love the looks and usability of them, and definitely think the form fits the function as well as typically using good quality components, which makes for a long lifespan. How many people do you know still actively using a 10 year old computer of any kind without ever doing any upgrades? I have one – it’s an iMac and is still a workhorse, and still original with the exception of having added a little more ram a few years back. This latest addition to my Mac corral is definitely moved to the top of my favorites list, and I have no problems recommending it to anyone looking for a new laptop. I’m sure i’ll be doing another update blog on my BlackBook experiences in the near future, after the new car smell has worn off.



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