VISTA – the view from here

Posted: March 4, 2007 in software, Windows
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I’ve spent a bit of time working with and playing with Windows latest and greatest operating system, Vista. In short, for Windows it is a good attempt, a good start, definitely the foundation for the best version of windows we’ve seen this far, but in comparison with other operating systems, it’s okay – no great shakes as the saying goes.

You may ask why I would have this opinion, and no it is not because i’ve drank from the apple kool-aid and am brainwashed (that’s a blog for another day), it’s based on the fact that it took the Microsoft boys many years of tweaking to finally release Vista, and it is nothing more than an amalgamation of what other OSes have had for some time. I was expecting something more, not just a ported version of Mac OSX, and some stolen ideas from Linux and Unix.

Sure it looks nice and has some cool new features (well new to windows anyway) and seems to be a little more stable than any of the other versions of windows, and i’ve tried them all over the years from 3.1 up to now, but there is nothing that really makes me say “Hey, this is great and well worth the 5 year wait”. Add to that the fact that most people will need to buy a new computer just to run Vista and you end up with a disappointing piece of software with a very hefty price tag. To help hit this point home, i have a 6 year old apple laptop running the most current mac OS and doing it rather well i might add. Try that with any laptop older than 2 years and you will probably not even be able to install Windows Vista, and if by chance you did manage to get it installed you would fall asleep waiting for it to load or do even the simplest of functions due to the massive overhead and requirements of this latest and greatest (?) version of windows.

Yes Vista does have it’s good points. A lot of the pre-installed software is quite good and well integrated into the OS to make it easy for you to play with photos, make movies, tweak your music collection, etc. And the security system as well as the way you install programs has been updated and improved greatly, but for those already familiar with Mac OSX, you are probably saying, “so what, we’ve had that for years”. Which is true, but for windows users, this is a definite improvement.

In my opinion, add Vista to the list of software that is“not quite ready for prime-time”. But hey, your mileage may vary as the saying goes. I’m sure service pack 2 will fix most of the problems, add functionality and fill the security holes that will be popping up as more and more people succumb to all the hype and move to Vista. One definition of Vista is… “A distant view or prospect”  I just hope the view is not too distant, we’ve waited long enough as it is, and as far as prospects go, it has potential, and i hope it becomes more than just flashy pictures and graphics seen through some poorly constructed window frames.



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