I’m in love with my Curve

Posted: September 7, 2007 in hardware
Okay, so i’m paraphrasing a bit from the old Queen song “I’m in love with my Car”, but you get the point. The Curve i am referring to is my Blackberry Curve, which i’ve had for just over a month now and as with any technology i get, i’ve been working the snot out of it, so to speak.

There were a few important features i wanted in my next cel-phone, which as it turns out, wasn’t actually a cel-phone after all but a blackberry. I wanted a real keyboard, as i was getting tired of the hit the 2 key twice, the 8 key once, the 9 key once, etc. Also, i wanted a half decent camera built in, mainly because i was tired of carrying a camera around as well as a phone. Another feature that was important was the ability to store and listen to music. All these things and more are possible with my Curve.

One of the things i appreciate most is the ease of use and the intuitiveness of the programs and controls. With one or two clicks you are customizing your applications and the way they work, or changing settings in your profile, or calling a phone number in an email message that you received (this one is a favorite of mine – sure beats looking for a piece of paper or trying to remember a 10 digit number so you can dial it).

I enjoy the media functions of my blackberry more than i would have expected. The mp3 player is quite nicely designed and reminds me of apple’s itunes in its form and function, and even though the curve comes with headphones which are half decent, i find the built-in speaker to be good enough when i am working, so much so i have gotten into the habit of turning it on shuffle and putting it in my pocket while i work around the house.
The picture browser is again well designed and the screen is bright and clear, enough so that when looking at thumbnails of the pics you have taken with the 2 megapixel camera on the screen, they are detailed enough you can see what it was you were taking a picture of in the first place.
Lastly, the video part of the media browser/player is not a bad way to watch a movie, as long as you convert your movie to the right format. AVI doesn’t work. WMV neither, but mp4 works nicely and the files are relatively small so you can fit quite a few on the optional (they say optional – i say necessary) memory card. I got a 2 gig card when i bought my blackberry and have not regretted it for a moment. I’ve got a couple of movies on the card, a few dozen photos and a a couple hundred songs (and growing).

Getting media on and off the blackberry is easy – it will load as an external device much the way a USB thumbdrive or jumpdrive does and you can just drag and drop media to the various folders on the memory card. There is a CD with software on it that came with the blackberry, but it’s windows only and well, whenever possible, i am not. Thankfully my good old Mac is just as intuitive and once i plugged in the blackberry there it was on the desktop ready to be loaded up.

All in all, i’m loving my blackberry curve and for anyone looking for a true smartphone, this one has one of the highest IQ’s around.


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