Mac OS X.5 Leopard… Nice for a .0 version

Posted: November 15, 2007 in Apple, Mac OSX, software
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What can i say about this latest edition of the mac operating system that probably has not already been said,…hmmmm, how about “nice job – when will 10.5.1. be out?”

When leopard came out, i didn’t beat a path to the store to be first in line, but i did get ahold of a copy pretty soon thereafter and after making sure i was completely cloned and all projects were complete, i did the update install.  my macbook is not that long in the tooth yet so the update install was fine, if it had been a little older, say like my g4 iBook then the clean install is the way to go.  Anyways…. the update install worked fine, no problems so far and all my apps are working well, with the exception of Parallels which a reinstall fixed, so really i shouldn’t complain,…. but…

Why is the colour of the little triangle under the open apps in the dock such a light blue?  And why can’t you change it to something that stands out a little better?  I suppose i could wait for Clear Dock to get updated and use that, but why should i have to,  A simple option in the dock preferences would be nice.  The new dock is cool to look at, and the desktop seem nice enough, but i’m just not digging the new colour scheme very much.

Most of the apps i’ve used for years still work fine, so the change has not been drastic, or at least i haven’t noticed anything yet.  i’ve been putting Leopard through its paces and trying out the new features, most of which are quite nice, and yet some are nothing more than eye-candy.  Apps like the updated Photobooth – very cool, easy to waste an awful lot of time just playing with the moving backgrounds etc. although i’ve noticed some colours in the background of your shot do not work well with the “green screen” that Photobooth uses and you end up getting strange effects in those areas where you can see the actual background showing through the movie.

Mail is a real update and is now much snappier and responsive it seems.  Some of the new features like stationery really give you the ability to dress up your emails so they may actually get read even if the content is boring.

Quicklook – this is one feature i am really appreciating – the ability to see what a file actually looks like before opening it comes in real handy for me when i’ve got a number of files that are very similar in name and i’m trying to get the right one the first time.

I’m going to cut this short and hold off criticizing Apple too much right off the bat, since it is a .0 version and there will be an update with new fixes and features coming out any day, as usual.  You have to give them props though, they did give us some really cool features and apps which once the bugs are ironed out, this could well become a real windows killer OS.



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