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Posted: March 14, 2008 in Apple, blogging, hardware
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Its been said…”if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”. Well, i’ve been thinking if i did that i would rarely speak, so i’m gonna ignore that advice and rant and complain for a while about a program i use quite frequently all the while hoping there will be an update to it soon.
The program in question is the one i am using to write this blog and update my website, Apple’s iWeb version 2.0.3, which is the most current version available and part of the iLife 08 suite of apps. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good program if you want to throw together a website quickly using one of the predefined themes and the integration with the other iLife apps makes it easy to grab content from your Mac and build a site pretty quickly that in the end looks fairly polished. There are lots of good things about iWeb, but there are a few parts that really get my goat.

Yes i know i could use Blogger or WordPress or Blogspot or one of the tons of blog apps that are available on the web, but my website is more than just a blog, or at least it is supposed to be if i ever get around to working on it again but that’s another story, for now i’m going to concentrate on the issues i have with iWeb. Mostly its the lack of features or more specifically the features that are available only if you want to publish your site to your .Mac account. I don’t. I have a domain and like to have my website there, which it would seem to Apple means i don’t get to use features like the hit counter, enabling comments on my blogs/movies/photos, or password protection or the RSS to function properly, or the enhanced slideshow features, or even the ability to publish to your own domain easily. If you are using your own domain you must publish to a folder and then FTP to your domain as opposed to just clicking the 

button if you are using .Mac.

It is possible to get some of this functionality by using third party add-ons or enhancers, such as iWebEnhancer, or iComment but i think these functions should be part of Apple’s program and not disabled if you don’t use the .Mac service to host your website. (that sentence is a bit clumsy but you get the point and besides who doesn’t not unlike using triple negatives)

Don’t get me wrong, its not all bad. The current version does enable you to use web widgets and has better theme switching than the previous one, as well as feeling a lot peppier and responsive and (quick find some wood) i haven’t ever had it crash on me yet, and also Google AdSense is an option now and i’ll let you know how that works once it is up and running on my site. I just signed up for it today so i have to wait for the confirmation email to enable it before i can take it out for a spin. All in all, iWeb is a good program and if you look at it as part of a suite of apps that cost around $80, its worth the $16 and then some, but until Apple stops making this app crippleware if you don’t use .Mac, it does have some important features missing.


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