Who doesn’t like to Scribble?

Posted: March 15, 2008 in Mac OSX, software
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I was flipping through one of my favorite magazines the other day and they mentioned a simple painting/drawing program that caught my eye mainly because of it’s simplicity. Even the name is simple
. I mean, really, that kinds say it all doesn’t it?
I’m always on the look out for good apps that serve a purpose or fill a void that is missing from my mac, and the ability to draw easily and simply went by the wayside a while ago for those of us running current versions of the Mac OS. That’s where this little app comes in. The simplistic look and feel of the GUI may make you think its just for kids but a look at the
offered up on the developers website is enough to make you realize this app has some chops hidden under a minimalist looking design.

The learning curve is really very quick on this one, you open your blank canvas, click on the little dot that is the colour, select which one you want and begin. You adjust the slider to make the brush thicker or thinner and you can click on the little squiggle in the lower left corner to change the type of brush you are using.

The choices may not make much sense at first, unless you read the manual, but i never do (heck i still haven’t opened the manual for my latest digital camera, nor the manual for any of our TVs) so i just clicked each one and tried it out to see what it did. Once you know what they do the graphics makes sense. One other thing you need to be aware of is the layer button in the bottom right corner. This will allow you to add layers, delete layers, or select which layer is current. You can also rearrange layers just by dragging them around to the order you want them in. Again, so simple, and yet so effective.
Basically Scribbles is a great little program that could really fill the void created when Apple stopped including a paint program with their Macs. It’s not exactly easy to use when drawing with a mouse, but if you have a graphics tablet or pen of some kind to input the lines it is quite possible you can make some really impressive artwork, and its simple enough you can let your kids play with it without having to teach them to use it.

One last thing to note, the minimum requirements are a G4 processor and they mean it. I installed it on one of my G3 iBooks and the program will start up and let you select colours (or colors – for you american readers who like to point out our extra letters in words 😉 ) and brush style/thickness etc, but you won’t be able to see anything you draw – the page stays blank until you look at the layers screen and then you can see what you had drawn, but as soon as you go back to the input screen it is blank again. Kind of like the old drawing with lemon juice on paper and then heating it to see the invisible message, only this one goes back to being invisible.

Its worth a look,

you may get in touch with your inner child like i did and create some simple but fun artwork or for the more talented create some really beautiful works without getting your paintbrushes messy – or in my case, fingers messy.



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