AVGee it’s a good product

Posted: May 7, 2008 in computers, software, Windows
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I’ve always been a fan of good freeware, as i’m sure most people are, and one of my favorites and most used and useful has been AVG’s Free Edition.  I can’t begin to guess how many times i’ve installed it on computers or recommended it to people as a good alternative to the paid-far apps that are out there.  Some of which have caused me more grief than others, not to name names but one in particular that rhymes with “
” has given me more than enough headaches.  When i was updating the definitions file this morning i noticed the little announcement from AVG saying version 7.5 will not be supported much longer and to upgrade to 8.  I was a little taken aback when i first glanced at it because it seemed to be a paid-version, but if you look carefully you will still find the Free Edition available for download. (

One of the nice things is that the new edition removes the old one, and also removes AVG’s Anti-spyware as well, since version 8 now has both apps in one much cleaner, more polished interface, that i for one found easier to see and understand at a glance, and with the two products – antivirus and anti-spyware in one place, its easier to keep them both up-to-date with a single click. I’m a big fan of a good clean GUI as long as the prettiness doesn’t end up slowing your computer down trying to generate fancy graphics rather than actually doing what it is meant to be doing. AVG has managed to achieve this with this release, its a good clean look with some nice indicators to let you know its working and showing progress without being so graphics intense as to slow down your computer in doing so.
As with previous versions, once its installed and you have restarted your PC you should immediately update the definitions and then check the settings to make sure you are protecting yourself as completely as you can. One setting i always change is the amount of room being set aside for the virus vault, the default is 10%, but i prefer 5% – after all do you really expect to get 25 gig of viruses? And if you did – would you want to keep them?

Another setting i like to change is the
Files Scanned.
I would rather scan anything and everything rather than let my scanning software decide for me what should be scanned. The reasoning here is that as new viruses and security holes are developed or exploited, i would rather not leave it to chance that what was a “
file before is still a “safe” file. So, i change the setting to
Scan all files
as shown below.

I like the new Growl style notification when your updates complete, you start a scan, or a scan completes, etc. as well. This is something that is becoming more common, which IMHO is a good thing – a small balloon in the corner of your screen catches your attention better than anything else, although sometimes the notifications are so quick to appear and disappear you miss them.
As for speed, i used version 8 on my windows XP machine and ran a scan of a network drive – fairly good way to see how or if it crippled my machine or the network or the machine being scanned. I was impressed with the time it took and then went to try to scan the same drive with version 7 only to find out version 7 does not even support scanning network drives. There is a great new feature that needs to be highlighted, there are many times when its necessary or desirable to virus-check a network drive from another pc that has the most current and up-to-date definitions already on it.

Anyways…, overall its a good update to an already good program, and i recommend taking the time to grab the download and get your PC protected with the latest and greatest the fine people over at Grisoft have to offer.


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