Hits and misses

Posted: June 22, 2008 in blogging
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I’ve been checking the stats on this and the “Blogger” blog i set up and while it is dead easy to see the hits on the WordPress page i have yet to see any info from the google analytics i had to install to see the stats on my Blogger site, which in case you didn’t know is Google based. For most people this may not be a deal killer, but for me when all i wanted to do was to generate and monitor traffic on the two blogs, this is an important part of the process.

I hesitate to say 3 nil for WordPress, since this is really the same point i made a couple days ago, but i think i should be seeing data from Google Analytics by now.


edit: one other thing i noticed – copyclip does not work with Mac’s Safari into the blogger site. that just sucks. it’s entirely possible its a Safari only thing, but since Safari is the default browser for Mac, that functionality being missing is very noticeable. BTW – works fine copyclipping into the WordPress blog. so that is a definite 3 nil for WordPress now.


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