DNS errors…thanks Bell

Posted: June 26, 2008 in computers, hardware, technology
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Sometimes its the simple things that cause you the most grief. We were having internet issues since the weekend after some power failures and brown out conditions in our office. The problems were intermittent but did become rather annoying and it was looking like a switch or device was failing, trouble was figuring out which one.

Thankfully after discussing the issue in the office, a little light went on in my head once someone said “dns errors”. I thougth, no way – can’t be that – could it? Sure enough, the primary and secondary dns servers on router had been reset to Bell’s defaults – which just suck. So a quick change in the config back to and and we were back up to full speed again. From what i can gather the router lost its settings during one of of the prolonged power failures. Strangely though, not all of the settings.

Anyways, word to the wise – eliminate the simple things first, it may save you a lot of time and headaches. Also, brainstorm and talk through your problems, this has helped me more times than i can remember.



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