iPhone in Canada eh

Posted: June 30, 2008 in Apple, technology
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I’ve been following this story pretty closely and watching it unfold with respect to the July 11th release date of the much sought after “mini-computer” from Apple up here in Canada.  We completely got bypassed by the first generation iPhones but will be getting the 3G version up here – maybe the first gen. didn’t do well in the cold?

The biggest part of this new story isn’t turning out to be about the iPhone and its features, of which there are many and it really is a marvel of technology, but what seems to be generating the most talk and hype is the Rogers connection.  Rogers and Fido will be the providers in Canada for the iPhone, and their pricing plans look okay on the surface when compared with say, a blackberry plan, but when you actually crunch the usage numbers – its seems they are coming up short and that is upsetting the masses…

Looks not too bad, until you think about the potential usage a customer may need to browse the web a few minutes or hours a day.  Its all a function of the type of use you are expecting to do.  If you are going to be surfing through your Myspace or Facebook pages and staying connected to all your friends you are going to run out of data fast.  Some of those pages can be huge with all the images and customizations etc they allow.  Not to mention some of the best features of the iPhone – GPS, Itunes and UTube integration!  Can you guess how quickly you will go through your 2gig cap if you start watching videos?!?!

Its not really Apple’s fault that Rogers is only offering such limited data usage plans, and all the petitions and complaints to Apple will do no good.  How is Apple going to tell Rogers how to conduct their business and what to charge? – they can’t.  And if we don’t buy an iPhone from Rogers then we can’t get a legal one up here so for those who want one, you are stuck between a rock and a hard place.  The cel phone system as it stands now up here in Canada means the only network that can offer the iPhones IS Rogers/Fido.  All we can do is complain to Rogers, or not buy the iPhone.  What we need is for one of the big telcom providers in the U.S. to come up here and provide a little healthy competition, until that happens good ol’ Ted has us where he wants us.



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