Forcing us to pay to receive txt spam?

Posted: July 14, 2008 in Uncategorized

To get you up to speed in case you haven’t already heard, the big telco companies here have decided in their infinite wisdom to charge the reciever for incoming txt messages to your celphone. Basically, we now get to pay for txt messages that we recieve, including those we don’t want, but the catch 22 is how do we know what they are about until we receive them? Also, what about spam and other crap from our providers informing us about the latest and greatest add-on to our already overpriced celphone service? Do we get to pay for those messages too?

I liken this to paying for calls from telemarketers, or using a junk filter on your email. We have no control over who is sending us txt messages, and unless the telcos are going to provide free call-display type services to see who the incoming message is coming from so we can block it or refuse it, then we get stuck paying for messages we did not want in the first place.

The kicker here is you will be forced to subscribe to a more expensive txt messaging plan just so you don’t get dinged for every message you receive. Sounds like another cash grab to me. We as Canadians already pay more for celphones than any other country, but i guess not quite enough – at least not according to Bell and Telus.  So far Rogers isn’t saying they will follow the other’s lead, but time will tell.



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