iPhone and Starbucks – both with extra hype please

Posted: July 17, 2008 in Apple, hardware
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I couldn’t resist but post this image after i saw it on P2Pnet, what i liked most was the fact it shows Apple, Starbucks and Rogers – the only place we can buy an iPhone. 3 of the biggest cult-followed stores in Canada, and i’m not sure they deserve the hype

We as Canadians love our coffee – so much so that the word Timmy’s or Tim’s has only one connotation for us – Tim Hortons, of course. But a few years ago, Starbucks ventured into Canada, around the same time Tim’s ventured into the U.S. i believe, and since then there are a number of us northern coffee drinkers that swear by the stuff. Is it the best coffee around – nah. Is Tim’s – nope. We are sheep, we see a Tim’s sign and immediately change lanes and either wander in to the store or head through the drive thru to get a coffee. I admit, i’ve done it. even when i didn’t want a coffee i stopped and got one as some kind of pavlovian response to the big yellow, brown and red sign…

Which brings me to my point about the iPhone – is it all just hype and advertising that has us salivating about the latest and greatest offering from Apple? The media has even dubbed the iPhone the “Jesusphone” because it is like the second coming – i think this is going way too far. Sure its cool and yeah, it’ll do more than most other devices, but come on people, lets think about it for a minute, do we really need to have one that bad we are willing to sleep on the street in front of the stores to be the first in line to get one? I’ll wait until after all the dust settles and go check it out at my leisure, right now its too tough to tell what is truth and what is hype. Until then i’ll keep reading the blogs and the news stories while i slurp back my Tim’s or Starbucks, and have a good chuckle about the lengths people will go to get one and how much they are willing to pay to be on that bleeding edge.


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