Western Digital MyBook World Edition II… so far so good, but its still early

Posted: August 8, 2008 in computers
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We needed a better way of ensuring we were backed up, or at least would not lose data should something unforeseeable happen, so after a little research i decided on the not so mac friendly MyBook W.E. II.  I say not so mac friendly, because i prefer products that i can use with my mac when it comes to administering and maintaining, but sadly the software to setup the MBWE is only windows. So, not really a big problem, fire up bootcamp, install the software and then change the drive from its out-of-the-box configuration to a RAID1 so i end up with a mirrored 1TB drive, instead of the striped 2 TB.  I would rather have the extra piece of mind than the extra space, besides, for what is being stored on the drive, 1TB should be sufficient for some time.

The printed documentation is passable, i ended up reading it through a couple of times before deciding to look at the PDF on the enclosed CD, since the quick start guide really didn’t tell me how to reconfigure the drive.  Not a big deal for most i expect, or at least that is what WD thinks.  Maybe most people just want a 2TB drive for storage so they are playing to the masses. Anyway…

After the NAS is all set up using the MioNet software and i installed the WD Anywhere software, i checked and i was able to see the shares i had set up on the drive on the network from my Mac and access them without any trouble.

There is a Premium version of the MioNet software available that allows you to access your computers remotely much the way any VNC operates which may be handy for some, but i’ve decided that too much access into our network is a dangerous thing so we’ll just stick with allowing Read-only access to certain areas from outside the office, which is do-able with the standard software that ships with the MBWE.

The included stats confused me a bit, mostly because they mention MP3’s and DVD video, but the software won’t actually allow you to share them due to the way that WD has decided to impose DRM.  You cannot share certain types of media, MP3’s being one of them, AVI’s being another.  So if you are thinking of using this NAS as your media storage centre, keep looking.  As i said, for us, this is not an issue here at work, but playing with the MBWE for a little while was long enough for me to decide it didn’t suit my home network environment, and i’m toying with getting a Lacie Big Disk for there.

That’s it for now, its new and still in the testing phase for us at the office, so i will keep trying it out and report back at a later date once we have had a chance to really put it through its paces.


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