Blog, Blog, Blog – but keep it safe

Posted: September 11, 2008 in blogging
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When i started this blog, it was really just to drive traffic to my main website, but after a while i started posting more to here than to my main site.  Why?  Well, its easy.  I’ve fallen into the group of people that are too busy in their day-to-day lives and need to find a quick and easy way to do just about everything – isn’t that the main reason that drive-thru’s flourish up here?  We can keep talking on our phones, or texting, or listening to the news on our car radios, or whatever, without ever having to get out of our comfy cars to pick up a quick coffee or muffin, or no-fat-low-foam-half-caf-latte.

Getting back to my point, blogging has become so easy that everyone can do it, and it seems if you don’t have a blog, then you are one of the few.  The process itself is so simple because of sites like blogger, or wordpress, or typepad, that within minutes you can have a blog up and running, as long as you can decide on a name – that seems to take longer than anything else.  And,… the beauty of most of those services or sites is the ability to change your blog so easily and quickly using their themes, that you no longer have to play with code you just click and save.  You can almost change your blog theme to suit your mood – “i’m feeling blue today” and click, click, save, you’re done.  Brilliant.

My only word of caution is be careful with the information you post, cyber-theft and cyber-bullying have become so prevalent and a big reason for this is the ease of gathering information about people.  whether it is from social sites (facebook, myspace, etc) or from blogs, remember anything you post could be used by someone with evil intentions.  Take the time to remember that once its out there, its out there for good – everything gets cached somewhere, and that info you are posting is accessible to almost everyone, and not everyone is as nice as you may like to think.  This is especially true of kids – those pictures you post may be cute and funny and you are proud of them, but keep the personal info to a minimum, its better to never post it, than to try and protect yourself after the fact and remove the info.

The world wide web is a big place, and as much as we all depend on it to keep in touch, there are people out there using it maliciously, so just like you do every time you cross the street, stop, look both ways and proceed cautiously.


  1. Very interesting article, i have bookmarked your blog for future referrence
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