Kids and electronics – GPS’s should be mandatory

Posted: September 21, 2008 in hardware, technology
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After spending the better part of a day unsuccessfully searching for a lost ipod, i’ve come to the conclusion that all electronics smaller than a breadbox should have some sort of locator chip built in.

Somehow my daughter misplaced her iPod.  its a 2 gig Nano and its got her name engraved in the back with “Merry Christmas” and the year, obviously a christmas present, and we thought it meant a lot to her, but as she explained the other day…” i can just listen to my music on my laptop instead” …or.. “well, i wanted an iPod Touch for christmas anyway” …argh.  That’s not the attitude i was hoping to instill in my kids, one of consumerism, and a member of a throw away society.  Not only that, but there really wasn’t anything wrong with it, at least there wasn’t when i last saw it.

So the chore list for today was rather light – find the missing ipod.  Oh, and a charger for my other daughter’s Nintendo DS.  Sounds simple enough, but searching for the missing items entailed basically tearing the house apart and looking in every nook and cranny for the two errant items.  After searching through the entire house, countless bags, purses, boxes, drawers, cupboards and closets, even pockets of coats not worn recently, we are still missing both.  Sure we found all kinds of other things misplaced, but not the two items we were searching for.  This bring me to my subject for this post.  Someone out there more tech savvy than I should figure a way of developing a small GPS that you can put on or in any electronic item to enable you to find it using a GPS tracker.  TV remotes, cameras, laptops, hand-held gaming devices, iPods, the list goes on and on.  If the device was small enough and could be placed in the battery compartment or adheared to the back of the item somehow, it would make life so much simpler, as long as, of course, the item in question wasn’t your GPS tracker.  Then, well, your back to tearing apart your house until you find it, so its not a perfect system, but it sure beats spending the last day of summer inside pulling out your hair and looking in the same places over and over because you’re sure “it has to be here somewhere”.

Unless of course its those darn gremlins again.  The same ones that move things on you for fun, drink your coffee when you are not looking, and stole both my youth and my sanity.  Thats my story anyways, and i’m sticking to it.

Back to the search…


(p.s. – broke down and bought a new charger for the DS, so i’m sure we’ll find the missing one tonight – isn’t that always the way.  tcg)

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