New Apple Notebooks – is it possible to be half-elated?

Posted: October 14, 2008 in Apple, computers
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I’ve been waiting for today for a little while, watching the rumour sites about the impending event, and then last week it was confirmed, today Oct 14th was the day, Apple’s “spotlight turns to notebooks” event. Being a consumate tech geek, i had to sit and read the play by play on Engadget’s website – it was great. Almost like being there, only without the long flight and expense. They had minute by minute updates and pics being posted, truly using all the latest tech to help keep us poor unfortunates uptodate on the event as it happened. Kudos Engadget, and thanks.

I sat here watching as they discussed the state of the union from Apple’s stance anyway, seeing the graphs and numbers showing Apple’s gains in the marketshare and was impressed if not slightly concerned (but that’s a topic for another day) and waited patiently while i ate my lunch for the real even to start – give me a look at the new MacBook Pro and quit stalling! Sorry, i have little patience for these things – probably just as well i wasn’t actually in attendance at the event for that reason… me yelling out… “blah blah blah – get on with it Stevie, we all know you guys are doing well”. Then finally, there is was a revised MacBook Pro. Well kinda, first off a bit of backstory about the revisions and the manufacturing both the old way and the new way. A bit humdrum, but nice to know they are taking strides in environmentally friendly manufacturing. Then, finally (this time i mean it) they begin to talk about the changes. I’m not gonna bore you with the details, but suffice to say the specs got better in most aspects, graphics, cpu, fabrication, with only minor bumps in HD size, but the change to NVidia chipset making up for it. Claiming 5 times speed bump is pretty impressive. A glass touchpad with the multitouch interface was quite impressive as well. there were no real surprises, as i said, i had been watching the rumour sites for some time and pouring over the leaked images and info, so most of this was old hat, cool to see it actually being demonstrated but nonetheless no big surprises when it came to MBP’s.
The lack of wow for me came when they finally got around to telling us the pricing. I was hoping for a slight drop in price, not to have the price raised. Even a slight up in price seems unacceptable to me. The better MBP was now $100 more than the previous model. ick. Sure, i know, i know, Apple products are better quality, blah blah blah, preaching to the choir there – i’ve been saying that for years when justifying the costs of apple’s computers to windows computers – but its still tough to swallow when its coming out of my wallet. (After all, i still answer to a higher power when it comes to purchasing new tech. no matter how cutting edge and how much i think i need it, gotta run it by the boss or i may find myself getting aquainted with the couch at night for a while.) I thought the nice part about becoming more widely used and accepted would be producing more to fill the demand, thereby reducing the cost per unit of manufacturing and research and development. In which case shouldn’t Apple products get less expensive as they sell more? Or is Steve Jobs still saving for his diamond toilet seat?
All in all, the products released today were impressive in theory, but i’ll have to wait until they arrive at my local Mac retailer before i can determine which one is right for me. The MacBook Pro line is very impressive, and the upper end of the MacBook line got most of the same revisions to it including the change of the shell from plastic to metal, so really it has become a smaller version of the MBP, which kind of blurrs the line between the Pro products and the home user/student models. Why not just call them MBP’s as well, just like the 17″ version. They could have a 13.3″, a 15.4″ and a 17″ version of the MacBook Pro, and then just keep the white plastic Macbook as the cheaper, entry level mac laptop. Makes sense to me, but then again who knows what Steve has up his black mock turtleneck sleeve, he and the other big wigs at Apple always seem to be a few steps ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to innovation. Although their stance on Blue-Ray and HDMI has me baffled a bit, they are a driving force in the world of technology and i for one always look forward (to paraphrase The Rock) to what they are cooking.

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