Searching for a free PDF maker for Windows

Posted: October 20, 2008 in Windows
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I’ll try not to make this sound too much like me slagging Windows and praising Mac, but the fact this is still not built into Windows just frustrates me. I mean, it’s been part of the Mac OS for quite some time now, why the heck isn’t it just built into Windows by now? I’m speaking of course of the ability to create a PDF from any program without having to buy anything else or install anything else. This became an issue when we bought a new pc at work, and it came preinstalled with Vista. Thinking we should have one machine running Microsoft’s latest and greatest we left it on and have been struggling along with it for some time now. Most of the issues and problems we have either worked around or gotten use to, but one that was annoying was the fact our version of Adobe Pro 6 didn’t work on Vista, and i didn’t want to spend the money to upgrade to version 7 just to make it work on one pc. Since it’s not my workstation (thankfully – i mean, Vista, ick…) it has not really been annoying me enough to find a solution, but today i was annoyed enough by it to do something about it. After a bit of searching and a lot of reading, i stumbled across what i was looking for – a FREE pdf maker that works with all current versions of windows. Sweet! Small file size, easy install and did i mention its FREE?

I put it on my winxp machine and it does exactly what it claims to – it installs a printer for you that creates PDFs from any program. You still need to have a PDF viewer to look at them once created, but that is fine since the viewing side of the Adobe program is free.

That’s one problem fixed, so i’m hoping i’m not jinxing it here, but that’s a good start for the day, especially a monday.

Check it out at:


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