Trying out a new website design program

Posted: October 21, 2008 in blogging, website design

RapidWeaver vs. iWeb, part 1

So i’ve decided to make my brain work for a bit and try a different approach to my online persona and presence, try to combine and streamline it a bit instead of trying to be everywhere at once and keeping all the sites up to date.

I’ve decided to give RapidWeaver a try first. A friend of mine uses it, its Mac based (by that i mean designed by Mac users FOR Mac users), is basically WYSIWYG, although it does have the ability to let the more advanced users play with HTML and CSS, etc.

First impressions – it seems an awful lot like iWeb, which is the program i am currently using and wanting to move away from. Not sure which one came about first, but many of the features are shared by each, some good, some bad. the iMedia browser is a nice touch, it gives you access to your ilife programs, but if you add a photo for instance you then need to open that photo in the Media Browser to manipulate it. that seems silly to me.

There are numerous add-ons you can download, most of which will cost you, but some are free. I tried out a couple of the free ones and they do add value to the program and are quite useful. It can be a bit tricky to get them to do what you want, and be placed where you want, but with a bit of playing and “tweaking” of the code i managed to insert a few of the snippets into the sidebar, i’m especially fond of the free calendar. I’m only using the demo version of RapidWeaver right now, so i can’t create any more than 3 pages in my test site, so trying out all the features and functions is causing me to be constantly removing items to try out different ones. I’ve managed to massage the look and feel of the test site into something that is close to what i wanted. the restrictions to the formatting of some parts of the text is still causing me grief but i’m working around it.

(to be cont’d)

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