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Posted: October 28, 2008 in website design
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I’ve taken the time to learn the program, Rapidweaver, well, i guess i should say MOST of the program – there are tons of little tricks i’m sure i’ll pick up along the way, but suffice to say i have learned enough to redo this website and feel good enough about the results to take it live.

As i mentioned earlier, there are a few parts of the program i am not all that crazy about, but there are workarounds and the add-ons, either by the developers themselves or the free ones that can be downloaded from the developers website are quite good and make the app even better and easier to use. I’ve never been one to like using HTML, but i know enough of it to be able to play with the code to make parts of the add-ons look the way i want them to.

As with anything new, there is a learning curve, and in comparing RapidWeaver to Apple’s iWeb, there are good and bad about both app, and advantages to each. One thing that i’m still struggling with in RW is the lack of a good thorough inspector that works with all parts of the pages. That is one thing Apple did well, and better in my opinion, their inspector lets you see all the parts a little easier than using the menu the way RW does. But, as i said, that is just a minor thing and entirely based on the way i like to design, others may not agree.

I’ve only had the program crash on me once – and it locked the file so that i could not save once – no matter where i tried to save it to (insert ARGH here, and a few expletives). Thankfully i had saved a couple minutes earlier and had not done too much since. it might have been due to TimeMachine saving the file at the same time i was trying to overwrite it – not sure. And i miss “copy text style” and “paste text style” that are options available in iWeb. I use those so very often and haven’t come across a good way to do the same in RW.

All in all, its a fairly easy to use and learn program – do yourself a favour and read the manual. i know, i know – you are saying “what? read the manual? nah” but seriously, after struggling along for a while i broke down and did and learned a couple of things that really helped me make the most of this app.


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