Website Redesign – Part 3

Posted: October 30, 2008 in blogging, website design
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As i’ve mentioned, i was comparing iWeb to RapidWeaver and eventually decided to take the plunge and switch over to RapidWeaver. Well, let me say that process is proving to be time consuming. There is no Export Feature in iWeb that will allow me to transfer the previous entries into RapidWeaver, not that RW has an import feature either. As such, i am in the process of copy all the entries and recreating them in RW, i may weed out a few along the way, but i like to keep all the past entries available in case someone is looking for an answer is curious about a topic or subject i have previously mentioned.
So,…. looks like a long day/night for me of copyclipping. The point i am making with all this is, if you are toying with the idea of starting your own website, consider the differences in the programs carefully. iWeb is great for what it does – makes a website simply and easily, but its not using html code like other programs do – its mostly image based, and also does not use CSS so when it comes to changing down the road, you, like i, am forced to rebuild the site from scratch.

I am treating it like a learning experience, i like to try out all new software and give it a fair chance. iWeb has had its chance, and served me well, and now i’m moving on, and up some would say, to RapidWeaver.



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