BootCamp startup issues

Posted: November 3, 2008 in Apple, Mac OSX, Windows
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Since installing WinXp Service Pack 3 a while ago on my MacBook’s BootCamp partition, i have not been able to start up the mac in winxp, which sadly is something i need to do once in a while.  It became an issue this weekend when i wanted to test a slip-streamed winxp sp3 cd i made, doing so under Parallels just wasn’t good enough, i wanted the full blown windows environment.  So i figured it was about time i figured out why i was no longer able to start windows in BootCamp but i could in Parallels which was using the BootCamp partition – hence my confusion.

After a bit of reading and surfing, i came across some interesting info.  One, according to Apple, i was was supposed to update to BootCamp 2.1 before installing winxp sp3, and two, i needed to update my version of Parallels before installing SP3 as well.  D’oh!  It would have been nice to know that prior to installing SP3.  Thankfully, you can uninstall SP3 in Parallels and then after a reboot, i restarted my Mac in windows (hold the option button as your mac starts if you have more than one bootable partition or drive) and there i was, in Windows again.  So i downloaded the BootCamp 2.1 update, and installed it, and after a restart or two just to make sure it was all working again, i installed SP3 once again and let it go through all the updates, restarts, what-have-you to get up-to-date and it was still working.  I could start in Windows or Mac OSX.   WooHoo!  its fixed, or was it?

I restarted into Mac and tried to use Parallels.  Stuck in the endless restart loop where windows is trying to autocheck but can’t – same problem i was having with BootCamp previously.  D’oh!  Thankfully it didn’t screw up my BootCamp install – i checked just to be sure.  I rarely use Parallels, so i may just take it off my machine anyway, but the geek in me wants to fix it first.  So i think i’ll be updating the version of Parallels i have in the hope that fixes the issue, but i have my doubts.  if not, then like i said, its rarely used, so no great loss, but i know the nagging little voice in my head will have me troubleshooting it until i get it working anyway.  Stay tuned, the story isn’t over yet, just delayed for a while and put on the back burner while more pressing issues are dealt with, now back to making an HP laptop work with WinXP instead of that nasty MS joke named Vista.



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