The final piece in place – for now at least

Posted: November 11, 2008 in blogging, software
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Well,… i finished the importing and recreating of all my old blogs on the weekend. It was an arduous experience, but i wanted to make the switch complete, so i muddled through the monotonous task of copy-clipping the text, the images, etc and reformatting to try to match the original layouts. I’ve been blogging for a couple of years now and wanted to keep all the entries available so with the help of a lot of coffee and a bag of candy i muddled through.

I have to say, i’m pretty pleased with the results. Now that all the data is in place i can spend a bit of time tweaking it, but it shouldn’t be nearly as difficult exercise as what is already done. The “Publish Site” ability build into RapidWeaver is one of my favorites – a simple thing really, but it removes those extra steps of exporting to a file and the need for a FTP app to upload your changes to your site, and anything that saves me time and effort is, to paraphrase that former jailbird martha, a good thing.

Feel free to nose around and check out the BLOG ARCHIVES and let me know what you think, i’m always up for good constructive criticism, and yeah i know i need to change the Titlebar, i just have to get my creative hat on for a bit and create the new one. I have so many hats on right now i can barely keep my head up somedays.

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