Parallels Desktop 4 for Mac – it works!

Posted: November 19, 2008 in Mac OSX, software
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I’ve been a Parallels user for a while now, pretty much ever since it’s first release, mainly because Virtual PC sucked so much – it was brutally slow, and when M$ bought it, it pretty much spelled the end for that app, but i digress… i get so easily sidetracked sometimes, like just the other day i was starting to…  Damn, see what i mean.

Parallels has been around for a while and for those of you not familiar with it, it allowed you to run a virtual environment in which you can install another operating system.  For me its always been the way i run WinXP on my mac, and also a place to try out Vista without having to actually have a windows machine as well as my trusty mac.  I have bootcamp on my mac as well, and that is where i installed WinXP, which is great, but sometimes you don’t want to restart your mac just to use a windows program, or to test a feature or play around with some settings etc.  This is where Parallels finds a niche to fill.  Parallels runs like any other app on your mac, but allows you to run windows and in doing so, run any of your windows programs without having to restart.  Aside from the numerous restarts windows is always forcing you to do with every little update or security patch – argh.  there i go digressing again.  Like i said, i’ve been a Parallels user for a while, but recently after installing windows SP3 i broke my bootcamp install, and could only use my VM (virtual machine) in Parallels.  This annoyed me.  If you read back a few entries you will find my previous blog about BootCamp 2.1 which with a little playing, enabled me to fix my booting into BootCamp issue, but broke my Parallels.  D’oh!

Well, the latest version fixes that mess, and after a fairly lengthy but relatively painless install and upgrade of my existing VM i was greeted with a different startup screen, one that looks more mac-like than previous versions, as well as seeming clean and simple in its design.  (hmmm.  mac-like AND clean and simple.  am i being redundant?)  At this point its installed and working well, i’ve booted into BootCamp and back a couple of times, opened Parallels a few times (which is using the BootCamp partition) and done some updating and playing around and i’m noticing it seems peppier and more responsive when its open, which makes me think the automatic memory allocation is working better in this version than the previous version.  I’m gonna put this puppy through its paces over the next little while and i’ll let you know what’s new, what works (and what doesn’t) which features have changed, etc. and give a little more informative look into this latest version, to see if its really worth the money for the upgrade and if its really worthy of a new version number or if they have just fixed some issues that should have been dealt with in Parallels Desktop 3.

to be cont’d,


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