Designing a Logo on your own

Posted: December 4, 2008 in blogging, software, website design
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I decided i wanted a logo, something to help identify myself and separate myself from all the other ‘puter guys out there, so i waited for inspiration and eventually it came to me. I’m not exactly sure where the idea came from, i hope i didn’t see it somewhere and rip it off for my own uses, but i had the idea that since what i do is computer, and computer related and the most common use of computers is email, that i would use the @ symbol, after all its in every email address. That was the basic idea for the logo, now came time to make it into something that said thatcomputerguy as well.

I wanted to quickly get the idea down on paper – well,virtual paper anyway – so i used my trusty app called Scribbles to draw a crude representation of what was in my mind as seen above. Unfortunately Scribbles does not have the ability to create shapes or objects or I may have just used it entirely to make the finished product. Its fine for the rough idea, but i knew i wanted perfect smooth curved lines and I just wasn’t going to get that sketching by hand. So I fired up Parallels and opened up AutoCad. I use acad all day long at work in my real job, so i’m an old pro at drawing with it, if you are not familiar with the way it works it can be a bit daunting, but after a while you can draw almost anything, 2d or 3d with it. I started out with a piece of text – the @ symbol actually and scaled it up, way up (whoa – friendly giant flashback there – weird) and used that as a template for the curves and lines and stylized text of the logo. I had already decided to make it just TCG, and not thatcomputerguy, so laying the letters made out of curves and arcs and cutting up circles was the easiest way to get it to look like what i had envisioned, its not a linear thing, but you can see the progression in the images below, the middle being the working image with construction lines and guides, and the two different images i was playing with flanking it on either side.

Capturing what is in your mind and creating it, that is the tough part and i have the utmost respect for people who do that everyday, its not one of my fortes, but i think i was pretty close with the end result as to what i was hoping for when the process began. Yeah, i could have hired someone to do this for me, but as with almost anything computer or technology related, i treat it as a learning experience and prefer to try to do it on my own, if nothing else, its a good topic for a blog 🙂

As it is now, i have the “bones” of the logo designed, it will probably get tweaked and massaged over time, but its a good start to my brand imagining i wanted to do, and helps to give me a common image for use in all aspects of my little business and even in my web persona. In the end i’m sure it’ll pop up everywhere thatcomputerguy is, be on my website, my blogs, twitter, or wherever. It may never be as recognizable as the swoosh of a certain athletic clothing company, or like the red stylized letters of my favorite soft drink, but life isn’t all about being famous, just being noticed and recognized is good enough for some.


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