Blackberry OS Update broke my Curve

Posted: December 17, 2008 in hardware, software, Uncategorized
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I was excited to see that the latest blackberry OS update, release 4.5 was offered on my service providers website and had quite a few new features enabled in the update for my blackberry curve 8300, most importantly was the look and feel of the new os, the way it handles html and the addition of taking video with the camera in my little BB.

What should have been a simple upgrade turned into an ongoing pain in the butt. i updated the os first using desktop manager (windows only app – ick, but that’s another story) and as soon as it was finished i noticed my blackberry would disconnect from my service providers network – almost as if doing a partial restart. Great (sarcasm, in case it wasn’t too clear). So i played a bit and tried to figure out why and decided after a bit of reading that maybe the desktop manager was outdated and needed to be updated to install the new OS properly. So i downgraded my BB to the previous version, 4.2, and then updated to the latest desktop manager and tried to do the OS update again. No problem. it reported back that it worked, but within minutes of finishing the update and getting my BB all set up again, it was disconnecting. ARGH! I applied the update twice since then, going through the whole process of downgrading and upgrading but to no avail, and eventually called Rogers about it. After talking with a tech it was decided the blackberry was defective and needed to be replaced, unfortunately it was out of warranty so that meant i would be paying for a new one. again, ARGH! I was told i could call RIM and talk to them they may be able to fix the BB if i was to send it in to them, but i was informed that would take up to a month. “A MONTH!?!?! without a cel phone?!?!? Are you nuts? That is not even an option.” The sales rep was more than happy to send me a new one and bill my account right then and there, but a new phone is something i’ve found you need to touch and play with before deciding which is the right fit.

That’s just what you want to hear right before christmas, more expenses. I’ve decided to just wait until i have some time off work to play with all the new smart phones out there, and decide whether or not a new blackberry will be going under the tree for me, or if this will be an iphone kinda christmas instead. I mean, if a blackberry is only going to last 1-1/2 years, then i don’t want to get into the cycle of replacement, i’ve been in the habit of replacing cel phones every 3 yrs for the past 20 or so, and its worked for me up until this little hassle.

Stay tuned, i may be telling you all about my latest blackberry or iphone very soon.



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