WinClone – gotta love it

Posted: January 3, 2009 in computers, Mac OSX, Windows
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I replaced the hard drive in my trusty MacBook a few weeks ago now, right before christmas, and started to blog about this app, but then life got in the way and before i knew it, it was a whole new year.   I’ve been using my new hard drive for a while now without any issues, except for a slight lessening in battery life, which i assume is from the drive speed being 7200rpm taking a bit more power to run it.  What i really wanted to mention was the process of cloning a BootCamp partition to a new drive.  The data transfer for the Mac OS side of things is easy, and after a slightly harrowing experience (see my previous blog) i had to find a way to get the windows side of things working so i had the opportunity to use the wonderful application WinClone to clone my BootCamp partition right within Mac OSX.5.6   One word, SWEET!

The harrowing experience had nothing to do the hard drive installation, although its funny how these problems occur while you are doing something else, call it fate, karma, whathaveyou, its always bad timing when hardware failures happen – never had one occur when i was sitting around with time on my hands, that’s for sure.  But i digress…  If you read my last blog entry you already know i replaced the hard drive and restored using Time Machine to get my MacBook back up and running, what i didn’t mention is that i did it wrong on the first attempt.  i had thought i needed to partition the drive before installing to allow me to copy over my BootCamp partition from the old hard drive to the new one.  i was wrong. d’oh!   i had a feeling when i was doing it in the first place that i may need to use BootCamp Assistant (BCA) to actually create the partition, but i wasn’t sure, so i took and chance and did it myself, 50-50 chance and i picked the wrong horse so to speak.  After i had successfully restored my Mac using Time Machine, i tried to use BCA to access the partition i had made for BootCamp.  it was not recognized and i got a warning message to backup all my files and delete the partition and use BCA to create a partition.  Damn.  Oh well, live and learn, and now hopefully you will not make the same mistake.

Anyways…  I removed the partition, ran restore from the Mac OS install disk and a few hours later had a fully working Mac again, but without a working copy of BootCamp.  I ran the BootCamp assistant, creating my partition that i wanted – 15 gig this time – and then let it get to the point when it wants to start setting up windows.  This is where i stopped and ran WinClone.  I had already created a disk image of my bootcamp partition to restore from before changing my hard drive, so that disk image was already on the desktop of my Mac, I selected that image to restore to the new partition i had created, all within Mac OS.  Just a case of clicking RESTORE, selecting the disk image to clone, setting the destination and letting WinClone do the rest.

I wandered off, got a coffee, a few snacks and carried on about my work, checking back a while later  to see it was already done.  I rebooted into BootCamp, checked everything out, ran a few updates, booted back into Mac, then back into Windows again and everything was working perfectly, and still is.  This is an amazing piece of software, and its free.  Its donation-ware so if you do need it and use it, help support the people who made it and drop them a few bucks.  Its not the kind of thing i see myself using very often, but its nice to know its out there for those of us who use BootCamp, like to tinker and want to change hard drives without starting from scratch in windows again.


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