Bye Bye Blackberry, HELLLOOOO iPhone!

Posted: January 26, 2009 in Apple, hardware
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As i have mentioned, my crackberry, a 8300 Curve that was less than 18 months old, broke.  It all happened around the time i updated the software on it to the latest version, but downgrading didn’t fix the problems it was having, and according to my cel provider “it’s defective”.  Needless to say i was a bit miffed, after all, aren’t these things supposed to last as long as the contract at least?

I toyed with the idea of replacing the blackberry with a newer model, but quite honestly, after my problems and the fact a cohort in my office is on his second blackberry because his first died and even the second one is a bit flaky, it was hard to put out the money for a replacement crackberry for me. This was about the time i started seriously reconsidering an iPhone. Most of the things i wanted in a new smartphone were in the iPhone, and then some. The misgivings i had with the first iPhones had been addressed in the latest version, the 3G, and the ability to use a Wi-Fi signal when available instead of using my cel phone service provider was a big plus for me.  After a bit of trouble getting the right data/cel/text plan that suited me best, at a reasonable price, i took the plunge and ordered my new iphone.  I say ordered because i was having trouble every time i went into a store to get an iphone i would run into trouble, so in the end it seems best to deal directly with customer service and get it all straightened out on the phone.  After a lengthy process i had what i wanted with respect to a new plan, since apparently my old BlackBerry data plan was no good for an iphone.  Hmmmm, still don’t understand that one, i mean data is data right?

…anyway, as for the iphone, so far – loving it, very few complaints and those are very minor really. The more i use it the more i realize how powerful it is. Gotta love the games and apps from the iTunes App Store. I have downloaded a bunch of free ones and they are so much fun. and watching movies on it – sweet! The screen is so clear and bright the phone features are good, the SMS is really nice – looks like a chat window instead of just boring old text, AND the pictures the camera takes are pretty good – when i can manage to not get my fingers in the side of the pic that is. The location of the camera lens seems wrong to me, to hold the iPhone in landscape mode, you need to support it on both ends to get a good clear shot and with the lens being so near the corner it seem to be right where i naturally want to put my finger.

By far one of the most underappreciated extras is the USB to line voltage plug adapter that comes with the phone. How many times have you needed to charge a device but didn’t have a computer to charge it from? For me it has happened numerous times, but no more. The iPhone came with an adapter you plug your USB cable into and it draws power from a standard outlet. I know this is nothing new, they have been available for a while, but to have the forethought to include one with your phone – brilliant.

One thing that is driving me nuts is the spellchecker.  ARGH!  Apparently someone thinks its a good idea to use the spacebar as the accept key for suggested words.  ?????  So as i am typing along and using the spacebar to actually put spaces where i want them (what a novel idea) if i happen to spell a word that the iPhone thinks should be something else, it automatically inserts that word.  Simple things like “PC”.  Nope – it doesn’t like that, changes it to “of” and my daughters nickname, well apparently i should be calling her “Ozzie“.  The keyboard itself takes a little getting used to.  It is just so sensitive, and for someone who learned to type on an actual manual typewriter, a keyboard you barely have to touch is still a bit strange and i find myself making many more mistakes that with my blackberry.

All in all, so far its been a mostly positive experience, of course its still early, and if you have been following my blogs for a while you would know i was happy with my blackberry too, and that changed towards the end.  Like any new hardware, software or gadget, there is the initial wow factor and the growing pains of getting used to something different, i just hope that the iphone at least lasts the length of the contract, which would be better than my crackberry for a start.


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    not bad…

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    Greatings, – da best. Keep it going!

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    Thank you! I would now go on this blog every day!

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