Gaming on a MacBook, or any Mac for that matter

Posted: January 27, 2009 in Apple, Mac OSX, software
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My favorite blood-related niece mentioned to me the other day (via facebook, since we never actually see each other anymore – nudge nudge) that games for the Mac are hard to find.  I was perplexed a little by that comment until i started to ponder it more deeply, and yes, in fact she was right – sorta.

If you go to any of the big box retailers looking for Mac games or even programs for that matter you will be hard pressed to find any that are specifically Mac, you may find a few dual-OS games, such as Spore, or World of Warcraft for instance, but very few if any that are solely Made for a Mac. The gaming stores handle all the console games, PS2, PS3, DS, XBox, Wii, etc., and maybe some windows based stuff, but nothing for Mac.  There is always the Apple Store, if you want to purchase games online that is, because still, sadly, not all cities have a brick-and-mortar store to go to.  Where i live we are fortunate to have a recently expanded pseudo-apple store Mostly Digital that sells most of the stuff you can get through (or although some of it needs to be ordered in, but thankfully that is typically a next-day thing.  Sure there is always Amazon, or Macgamestore if you want to buy online, but not everyone is comfortable using a credit card to purchase on the interweb, nor does everyone have a credit card.  There are quite a few games already created for Macs, be they ports of windows games, or multi-platform games that are offered for various OSes and consoles, and if you search the web you will find many, but actually physically finding them in a store you can walk into and pick them up is another issue.

I know Macs are still a small share of the computer market, and an even smaller share of the gaming market, but how much of that is just due to lack of availability?  Maybe the old adage “if you build it, they will come” could be rewritten to “if you stock it, they will buy”.  Could the lack of availability be one of the reasons that Mac-gaming is not booming?  Possibly.  It used to be that Macs had the image of being used by creative types and were only meant for serious design-use but with that image changing and Macs being sold in more places and aimed at students as well as the pros, there is a growing calling for more apps, more programs and more games.  So i say this to all of the retailers out there, you can’t sell what you don’t stock.  The gaming market is made up of a lot of the same people who are buying most of the Macs out there, students and young professionals.  More and more places are selling Macs, hopefully they take that one step further and begin stocking more programs and games that work on them.

BTW, don’t tell her, but she is also my only blood-related niece 😉



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