iPhones Apps – likes and dislikes

Posted: February 5, 2009 in Apple, software
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I’ve been like a kid in a candy store since getting my iPhone, although the initial new-car-smell might have worn off a bit, i keep revitalizing it by frequent visits to the iTunes AppStore.  Keep in mind, most if not all of the Apps i am mentioning are free, so hey, you get what you pay for in some cases.

One of the first i downloaded, and still remains on my iphone is “Drinks Free“.  Not that i’m an alcoholic, but it is handy to have you own personal bartending recipe book in your pocket.  Another is the wonderful and amazing music recognition software “Shazam“.  Tag a song and let the app tell you what the song is.  If someone had told me a few years ago you would be able to do this i would have said no way, but its true.  every song i throw at it, it recognizes.  Its not the kind of app you need everyday perhaps but sometimes its awful handy when you only get a short period of time to hear a song and can’t wait around to find out who the artist is.  My iTunes playlist is getting a refreshing by some artists i knew nothing about before this one.

iHandy“.  this one is not just for fun.  its a level and a damn accurate one.  i may never carry a 24” level with me again.  Who wants to try and get a bubble to sit evenly between two lines, when this little app shows you that same graphical representation along with a digital readout to 1 decimal place.  Sweet.  Speaking of useful apps, you have to like “Wifi Checker“.  It does exactly what you’d expect it finds wifi signals and lets you know of nearby networks you can connect to by letting you se very easily which are open and which are password protected.

“Spore LE”, well, its a start, a teaser i guess.  its one level of the Spore Origins game you can buy, and for some it may be enough to get you hooked, and since the game on the AppStore is on sale right now, i for one grabbed it and its been a hoot watching my little organism grow in the primordial ooze.

Burning Tires 3D Lite” everyone needs a racing game on their iphone or ipod touch, and this one is good for a few laps at least.  The idea that you control the car using nothing but the position of the iphone/ipod is pretty darned cool.  you turn by tilting to the side and you accelerate by tipping forward and brake by tilting backwards.  Simple.  Yet oh so fun, and surprisingly tricky.

Some apps are one-trick-ponies, or more to the point, one-play-ponies.  “iSniper Lite” is one of these.  its a fun enough app but i barely got through one game before deciding it would not be remaining on my iPhone.  Some apps like “Fart for Free” or “Flashlight” will remain, cuz even though they are not very useful, they sure can be fun, especially when you want to lighten the mood, nothing does that better than a fart sound effect, at least according to my daughter, who seems to agree that cutting the cheese, cuts the tension.  Having the lcd screen of your phone light up all one colour, well, that’s great for the next time i am at a concert and forget my lighter when the ballads start.

Free Hangman” is another great app that is simple and yet so fun and a good way to kill the time, so far i haven’t learned any new words, but half the time i fail just to see the turkey get strung up or the snowman melt when i lose.  

And finally, “TwitterFon“.  For anyone who Twitters, its a must have free app for the iphone.  Simple clean interface, nicely laid out and very responsive, even more so than the web version which pleasantly surprised me.

I’ve only touched on a few of the many many apps available, and i highly recommend that everyone take a virtual walk through the itunes appstore and pick up a few of the free apps.  They are so easy to install (or remove for that matter) so there is no reason not to try them out and play a little, and if they suck, be nice enough to let the developer know why so they can do something about it and make it better.  Most are very thankful for constructive criticism, and its easy enough for us to put our comments on the iTunes AppStore for the games/apps we like or dislike.  Just try and be polite about it, “this sucks” may seem valid to you, but without explaining why, how is that going to help the developer address the suckiness.  And hey, while you’re at it, if you like an app, give the developer props.  A pat on the back can go a long way to them continuing to create programs and make their apps better.



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