Twitter: To Tweet or not to Tweet

Posted: March 15, 2009 in Uncategorized
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I’ve been twittering for a while now, (a friend mentioned it to me some time back and as always i had to find out what it was all about) and spent a good bit of time just lurking and being a twitter voyeur and dropping in the occasional tweet on topics or subjects i was interested in, or maybe just updating what i was doing or where i was.  Pretty much the norm for most of the twitterverse, with the exception of a few of the Twitter-Elite who take it upon itself to tweet every move they make for their hords of followers.

There is a lot of chatter, blogging, news stories and even tweeting of late by people trying to get their heads around the whole twitter thing.  From Jimmy Fallon’s “experiment” to boost the followers of a certain unknown twitterer, to basically every news franchise making some comment about Twitter, and even some incorporating “tweets” into their nightly newscasts (Leslie Roberts on GlobalTV).  One blog i read, Oliver Marks on, had some very good points ( about how to use Twitter and how to handle the onslaught of information that comes at you if you try to follow too many, and likens it to trying to single out a conversation at a party and filter out the background noise.  I agree, that can be a very difficult thing to do, and that is what makes Twitter so great and so bad all at the same time, you can spend way too much of your free time (or time you should be doing other things, like working) with this little time-vampire if you are not careful.  I love this anology of Oliver’s… “There’s an egomaniac making a lot of noise over there, a drama queen behind you, someone boasting about business to a large group of people they just met and someone else having a noisy emotional meltdown in the doorway. That’s what Twitter can be like.” While it is true that it can be difficult to find the gems in all the clamour, with the help of a few tools it can be done.  You can search for certain phrases and find twitterers to follow based on your interests, sometimes they appear themselves based on conversations other people are having on twitter, if you can call 140 characters at a time a conversation?

Who’s to say how and where we tweet?  If you want to use it as an online diary of your daily routine just so your gramma knows where you are and what you had for lunch, so be it.  If you want to post comments about your latest addition to your family (congrats Jesse Newhart on your new baby) or maybe use it to post links to the latest and greatest software you just developed, or let your followers know of your latest blog entry, go for it.  Its also a great way to get instant answer on always anything – the number of people out there who are willing to help you in truly incredible.  All of this is a valid use of a new and truly incredible microblogging environment that is really still in its infancy.  I just hope it stays more or less the same and doesn’t get watered down and controlled when it eventually gets bought up by Google, or whoever else might have the money to do it.  Twitter is an instant way to tell a bunch of people what is going on right now, or what you are interested in right now, or have conversations with people you never would have met otherwise.  Make of it what you will, use it how you see fit, just remember to keep it civil where possible, to paraphrase Ellen who just recently started on Twitter put it, “be tweet to each other”.



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