Time Capsule: I may have spoken too soon…

Posted: April 8, 2009 in Apple, backup
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In a previous post i was extolling the virtues of my wonderful new Apple dual-band Time Capsule, and prattling on about the speed and the ease of use and how it was such a wise investment and a good decision, etc, etc.  Well…  Me.  Foot.  Mouth.

I noticed strange behavious on Sunday and when i mentioned it, was told by my family that they had some issues on Friday and Saturday as well with the network dropping off.  Thinking it was my modem (see numerous previous posts about all the issues i’ve had since moving to “the country”) i connected directly to it and was surprised to find it working properly.  I then decided to try removing the Time Capsule (TC) and just using the Airport Express to create my network instead, and sure enough, it won’t perfectly.  Dang.  That meant my TC was the problem.

I could access the files on the hard drive in the TC and i was getting great signal strength but nothing was actually passing through the router in either direction to/from the internet.  To test the theory i hooked up my Airport Express directly to the modem and had a good strong signal and the ability to surf, email, etc with good throughput speeds.  So to ensure it was the TC, i reset it to factory defaults and set it up again from the beginning.  Changed all the settings, named the network, password protected it, set up the guest network and all seemed to be working fine and then just as i was about to finalize the setting i saw the TC drop off the device list and then reappear.  Hmmmm.  I finished the setup, saw the “Completed” message and started to use the network again.  It lasted about 10 mins before i no longer had a working connection to the rest of the digital world.  I launched Airport Utility and sure enough, there were no devices as seen in the pic at the beginning of this post.  I disconnected the TC and setup my old d-link router again and that is what i’m using now.  I called the local Apple Retailer where i got the TC and after explaining the issue and the troubleshooting i had already done, the tech came to the same conclusion as me – faulty hardware.

So, i’ve returned the TC to where i got it and i’m awaiting the replacement.  I’m not yet ready to call it a defective design, we’ll chalk this one up to a lemon and wait to see if the problem reoccurs in the new TC when it arrives.  My gut tells me, its an overheating issue inside the TC stemming from the hard drive usage warming up the device.  Like i said, i’m hoping this is a one-off problem, and i just happened to be lucky that day and got the faulty one.  So now i wait, patiently, but somewhat perturbed since after having such speed and ease of use and excellent wireless reception when the TC was working, being without it and dealing with my old router seems like a step backward and, to use a word that describes so well anything out of date when it comes to technology, somewhat flintstonian.  Its funny how quickly we get used to some things and rely on them and expect them to be the norm.  Makes it all that much worse when its gone, but that is beginning to sound like a topic for another post.  Expectations and entitlement, whether deserved or not, we are definitely a HAVE society, but as i said, thats a topic i’ll delve into in a future post, for now i’ll go watch the spinning beachball and “loading…” message i get so often with my old slow wifi connection, at least i have time to go make a snack while i wait for my mail to get fetched.

(to be cont’d)


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