Time Capsule, again

Posted: April 12, 2009 in Apple, backup, Mac OSX
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Just a quick update about the replacement Time Capsule (TC) i got that seems to be working as per spec, and even seems to be providing me with a very quick Guest Network.  I downloaded the iPhone SpeedTest app and was checking my stats earlier with it and receiving nearly 2 mb/s download speed on my iPhone which is very good.  As for the wifi signal in the house, its nice to have the TC and the Airport Express working again in unison, the seamless networking in the house is nice, and even though i only had it for a few weeks it was definitely missed when my TC failed.

I haven’t gone through the initial backup using TimeMachine on the TC yet, i’m a bit hesitant to do it since it was after that i started experiencing problems the first time around.  But, its also the best way to see if there is indeed a design flaw.  I’ll know if the TC fails shortly after backing up that there is a problem with the hard drive, possibly from excessive heat as i mentioned in my previous post.

(to be cont’d… again)



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