Tweetie for Mac: my 2 cents

Posted: April 21, 2009 in Mac OSX, social networking, software
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I have been looking for a good twitter app for use on my Mac for a little while now, since mostly i just use the web interface, and need a better way to manage the tweets.  So when Atebits came out with Tweetie for Mac i was pretty excited to try it out , and after trying it out for a few days i am still liking it.  Its almost perfect, the operative word being almost.  I’m sure the fine people over at Atebits have their reasons for what they did, but there are a couple of things i’d change, nothing that would make me stop using this software, but after using numerous apps so far on my iPhone and my windows desktop and my MacBook i know what i like and what works for me.  Btw, the website may not display properly for you in IE7, for some reason it shifts the name of the programs over for me and i get greeted with this…

The first app is Scribbles (great software i reviewed some time back), the second is Tweetie for Mac and the third is Tweetie for iPhone.

Now getting back to my thoughts and comments.  Firstly, what’s up with putting the “New Tweet” button on the bottom left corner of the window?  its so subtle its easy to miss.  Why not put it in the sidebar with the other icons for timeline, replies, direct messages and search?

Secondly, Repost ?  You mean ReTweet right?  Under the submenu for “Twitter” on the menubar there are numerous commands including shortcut commands for My Profile, Search, Reply… and Repost…  The last one struck me as strange since the adopted standard for reposting of someone’s tweet is ReTweet.

BTW, I am running the Ad supported version of the software and so far i have only seen a few ads per day, so its tough to justify spending the money (i know its only $14.95 for the next little while, but still that’s half a 2-4 ) just to remove the ads, but i think i will buy the software to support Loren and his gang in their efforts to give us a great app that is so maclike in its form and function.

You have to love the sense of humour that Atebits puts into their work, i think they really enjoy what they do and it shows in the comments within the preferences.  Click on the button for “Show Ads” to deselect it and this is what you get…

Third, I have noticed today i am getting an error in the bottom right corner that just shows the standard little yellow exclamation point triangle and the word (null) beside it with no explanation as to what the error is.  I suspect it is letting me know i’ve run out of API but i’m not sure.

Lastly, i kinda miss seeing what people are using to post their Tweets.  Most of the apps out there state what app was used after the post in small lettering so you can see what programs people are using and maybe find a new one to try, or at least see who is using the same as you, which are most popular, etc.

All said and done my complaints are very minor and more just “if it was me…” kinda comments than anything else and i highly recommend all you Mac-Twitter-users check it out.  This is only version 1.0.1 of the software and already its become my mac-twitter app and i can’t wait to see how it evolves in future releases.


  1. admin says:

    Just got an email from the developer, he says… “Btw, Click the yellow triangle (for now) to make that error go away. That’s getting much improved soon.”



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