Textwrangler: How did I not know about this App?

Posted: May 25, 2009 in Mac OSX, software
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I was tweaking the company’s website recently and while staring at the gobbledygook that actually creates all the wonderful images and text, realized i needed a refresher course on HTML editing.  I thought why not browse the web and find a refresher course, so after a bit of searching i found a couple of websites that reminded me of the basics, which is when i realized i need a text editor to really do HTML properly.  Sure i could use one of the WYSIWYG editors, but wheres the challenge in that?

One of the sites i was on referred to BBEdit Lite, which as it turns out was replaced by TextWrangler, a wonderful little program that does everything you need in a simple text editor and works wonderfully for HTML editing, or writing i guess, if you are starting from scratch as i wanted to do.

The interface is clean and simple and with the built in formating showing colours it is easy to see how things link together and follow functions, attribute, etc.  This is very helpful when you are relearning HTML code to see what each chuck is doing.

The program itself is quick and responsive, and very user friendly.  I found that within minutes of begining to use it i was tweaking things easily to get my page to look exactly how i wanted.  Did I mention the program is free?  This is a great program that does exactly what i needed, and is quite powerful in its own rights, but if you decide you want more you can go to Help within the program and Upgrade to BBEdit which is TextWrangler’s big brother.  (I haven’t checked out BBEdit since TW is doing everything i need right now)

One of the best things about TW is the support and help.  It has an expansive FAQ and Free Support for a Free Program, sweet!  I have only had to querie a couple of things and alwasy found what i needed in the FAQ so far, so colour me impressed.  Considering a lot of free software leaves you to your own devices when it comes to how to use it.

Anyone looking for a text editor/ HTML editor should definitely give TextWrangler a try, and not just because it is free, this is a quality program that can out-do a few of the paid-for editing programs for Mac.



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