Does more spam mean more readers?

Posted: June 12, 2009 in blogging, Wordpress
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I’ve noticed of late that i am getting tons of spam, and not the debateably tasty canned type with the little tab you roll around the outside of the can, but the junk email and fake comments type you get on a website, and it makes me wonder if it means more readership or just more crawlers finding my site?

The anti-spam addon for WordPress “Akismet” has been very good at identifying spam comments on my site, i think its sitting around 99%, and is doing so well that i’m tempted to just let it do all the filtering for me, but i’d hate for it to delete a legitimate comment, so i still wade through them one by one to ensure it has only tagged real spam comments and not just people with poor grammar and spelling mistakes.

Keep the comments coming in, its good to have real people critiquing my blog, instead of just getting ads to download porn, or helping launder money, or some new pyramid scheme, or cheap prescription drugs.



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