The iPhone as a Marital Aid

Posted: June 16, 2009 in Apple, technology


I was watching a movie the other night and  a song came on that i thought was The Whitestripes, but didn’t quite sound right and the wife said no it’s not, but i was sure it sounded like a Jack White riff and his vocals, so i used the Shazam App on my iPhone and sure enough, it was Jack White with Alicia Keys, so thankfully we were both half right.

Another instance i thought i knew where we were going when driving and i admit, i was almost lost – the operative word being almost.  After all, a man never gets truly lost when driving.  We just go the long way, sometimes a really, really long way that involves stopping and looking at the map a few times and shaking our heads, but we are never lost.  Anyway… i used the maps app on my iphone and let the iPhone show me exactly where i was and then with a little panning and zooming figured out where i had made a wrong turn. (i was off by one street, “Missed it by that much” as a certain Control Agent used to say.)

My iphone is loaded with apps, 4 pages of them currently, and many are time savers, along with some cute little “one -trick-ponies”, or games, but mostly its loaded with apps that help to make my life, and the lives of those around me, a little easier. Whether its finding the right directions, looking up something on the web, levelling a shelf, checking the weather or keeping track of appointments (my own as well as my kids, wife, work, etc.) my iPhone has become an integral part of my connected life and one i would have a hard time getting along without.

The point i’m making is that technology is around us all the time and we can use it in so many ways to help us in our everyday lives beyond the simple cel phone, txt message, web browser that we have all become accustomed to. An iPhone, or any smart phone for that matter, can be very helpful in maintaining the peace, or helping to get you out of a sticky situation or possibly avoiding one altogether.

Just be careful, and remember the ‘i” in iPhone does not stand for “i told you so”.


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