Technology. Argh. Again.

Posted: June 29, 2009 in Apple, hardware, technology
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I hate to sound like a broken record, or be constantly moaning about the tech problems i experience, but i write about what is going on and what is foremost in my mind currently is my little dead Apple Airport Express.

It all started when i noticed my Airport Express (AE) disconnecting and reconnecting during the day. The status light would change from green to amber, flash a couple of times and then go back to green. I figured it was just cycling or something since it is extending my network that is created by my Time Capsule, but then this past weekend it started flashing amber and kept doing it. I figured it may be a configuration problem or a problem with the firmware update i did earlier in the week, so i reset it back to the default and went through the process again, in doing so i noticed it would not always be discovered by the Apple Airport Utility. Intermittent problems are the ones i hate the most. Sort of like when you take your car into the shop for a problem that doesn’t happen all the time, but always seems to happen when you need you car the most or are furthest away from your mechanic. This was one of those kinda things. i could set up the AE and it would seem to accept the settings, but as soon as i restarted it, it would only last a couple of minutes before it went back to blinking amber. So, after doing the same thing twice and getting nowhere (i know, i know, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome is the definition of stupidity, but this technology and it doesn’t play by the same rules) i decided to downgrade the firmware to the previous version. i won’t bore you with the details, but it didn’t work, so i went back one more version, still no luck. It was a sunday so i figured calling Apple Support would do me no good so i decided to put it off till monday.

Monday came and i tried the AE again to make sure it hadn’t magically fixed itself overnight, which it had not. so i called Apple. I didn’t have to wait too long to get to talk to a live person, and after explaining briefly the issue, still had to go through the process on the phone with them “just in case”. Just in case what? in case i was stupid? in case i was lying? in case i hadn’t already exhaust all other options and avenues before calling Apple support? They couldn’t track the serial number, so they had no idea how old the AE was. I explained it was only 3 months old, but they were fixated on the fact the serial number seemed incorrect. Eventually they decided to be helpful regardless of that fact and we moved on to troubleshooting. I tried my best to play along nicely with the level one tech support person, yes i reset it, yes i would do it again, yes its flashing, yes its set to defaults, yes i am setting it up again… blah, blah, blah. In the end it was decided it was faulty and needed to be replaced or refurbished since it was not holding its configuration. Wow, really? i wish i had figured that out. oh wait, i did. I was told to take it back where i bought it and they would handle it for me, which is what i was thinking of doing in the first place but for some reason thought Apple Support might be able to help.

To cut this short, i have returned the AE to the place of purchase where they will need to test it also i’m sure before sending it into apple to be fixed or replaced. Thankfully, i can still get a decent signal strength in my house with just the Time Capsule, but sadly, the other laptops in the house don’t connect as nicely and are forced to sit near the window at one end of the house to get a usable signal. Hopefully we get a replacement AE soon or it may start getting ugly in here again like it did before we had the AE. yikes. a chill just ran up my spine.
(to be cont’d)


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