MainMenu Updates: read the fine print

Posted: July 18, 2009 in Mac OSX, software
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A friend alerted me to the fact that there was an update to a program i use occasionally called MainMenu. its a simple GUI way to run some of the chron scripts remove caches, etc in Mac OS X. The sneaky part that caused my warning to all to read the fine print is that they refer to this release as a “commercial release”, by which they mean this one will cost you money. Prior to this MainMenu has always been free.

mainmenu-updateDon’t get me wrong, i have no problem with people charging for their programs and apps, in fact i like to support as many of theses developers as i can for apps i use frequently, what i did have a problem with was the fact that it is not all that obvious to an average user that the new version will cost money to use.  When you see an update available for a program that has been free up to now, it should be made more clear to the end user that the latest update is no longer free.  I know, i know, it says “this update is a commercial release…” which implies there will be a cost associated, but the developer should have made the app tell you during the install phase that you will be required to register and purchase the program in order for it to continue working and give you the option to cancel and remain using the no-longer-supported-previous-version.  Like i said, i use this app occasionally and may end up purchasing it, but there are a number of other free apps out there doing more or less the same thing and i will consider trying them out first, or just skipping this update and keeping the free version that i already have.  it works for now and for the occasional user that may be good enough.


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