Moving TimeMachine backups to a larger disk

Posted: July 28, 2009 in Apple, backup, Mac OSX
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I have been using a slightly undersized external hard drive for some time as my TimeMachine backup disk and got tired of it always being nearly full and having to limit what was being backed up so i decided to move it to a larger disk and was pleasantly surprised to find it was not that tough to do and still maintain all your existing backups.


Using my mac’s DiskUtility i created a new partition on my Western Digital MyBook that was approx 250 gig. i first copied off all the data that was on the MyBook external drive because i wasn’t positive that i would be able to partition the drive without damaging the existing files.  After a very lengthy copying, i mounted the new external drive and created a new partition on it.  It worked like a charm.  No problem at all and it even assured me the existing partition would not be erased, and to me relief it was right.  Next came the “moving” of the existing TimeMachine backups to the newly created partition from the older smaller one.  A simple restore setting the source and the destination was all that was needed.  I did get an error right away saying i couldn’t restore to the new partition, but i was half expecting that.  All that was needed was to check off the little box Erase destination.  Then sit back and let the process go.  Its a lengthy process, so make sure you have time to allow the copying and then the verifying of the contents, for me it was about 2 hours.  But considering that i now have a much larger space for my TimeMachine backups and no longer have to worry about running out of room it was well worth it.


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