Font Families – just like real families, they don’t get along sometimes

Posted: July 30, 2009 in blogging, website design
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I’ve noticed of late that some WordPress theme designers like the font family “Trajan Pro” which while it works fine on windows pc’s, only displays as UPPERCASE on my mac regardless of whether i use firefox, safari, or google chrome.  The trouble is that the mac doesn’t have that font available so it substitutes one that is only uppercase.  Maybe that would be fine for some, but for me, i like my company name/website name to be lowercase – its just a look i settled on some years ago and prefer to stick with.  A website is something that some people work long and hard on to get it looking just right and then to have a rogue font mess it up is just as bad as when weird old uncle Vernon decides to show up in cutoffs, a stained wife-beater, and a jacket that even a homeless man would be ashamed of, and embarrass the entire family at a fancy restaurant.   it makes everything look bad, regardless of how nicely the rest of the family looks.

The simple solution is to change the CSS file for the header (in my case “style.css” because thats where this font was being used) to a font i know is more universal and common.  i used “Trebuchet MS”, Verdana, Futura, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;” instead of just giving the one font as the theme originally had.  this way if the browser can’t find Trebuchet, it looks for Verdana, and if can’t find that, it looks for Futura (Mac systems), and so on.  in theory all your bases should be covered.  (btw, the sans-serif at the end just ensures a serif font is not used).  if you are not comfortable editing out areas of the CSS just comment out them instead.  that way if you screw up the wrong part, remove the comment and the text is still there.  You made a back up of the files before you started editing anyway though, right?

That should solve your font issue, as for uncle Vernon, just don’t let him know where you are going.


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