Automatic Email Notifications for Blog Posts.

Posted: August 1, 2009 in blogging, website design, Wordpress
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A good friend asked me to set up my blog so that he could get email notifications whenever i post a new entry (he has an aversion to RSS feeds it would seem) So being one to jump at a chance to learn something new and make my blog better i went in search of a simple way to do it. I didn’t have to look too far, just searched in the WordPress plugins directory and found a couple that might work and after narrowing it down settled on “Subscribe2“.

Subscribe2 is a WordPress plugin and once installed and activated, it allows registered users to change their preferences to be notified of new posts, and even if they want, only to be notified of new posts in certain categories.  So, faithful readers, to any and all of you who would like to be notified of new posts, login to my website and adjust your user settings.  (you can use the easy link in the “email Updates” widget in the sidebar)  In there you will see a new option to be notified of new posts via email so you will never again miss my musings and comments.  Kinda puts the pressure on me to be witty, entertaining and informative.  Yikes, what have i done.


  1. Extenze says:

    thanks !! very helpful post!


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