Staycations: a wakeup call for Cinemas

Posted: August 5, 2009 in computers, hardware, technology
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This post started around the time my last vacation was ending, and then kinda fell through the cracks so to speak with all the hubbub of getting back to work and trying to catch up.  One of the good things about my last vacation was the fact there was no jet-lag or need to unpack because we basically stayed around the house.

With the need for most families to save money, there is a move towards staying at home and making our homes more comfortable including better and bigger entertainment centres, living spaces, etc., a movement towards “staycations” as it has been called.  For us, we have always been the type to stay close to home and enjoy the life we have made for ourselves, and in talking with a friend who works for a big box retailer, it seems we are not the only ones who think this way.  Sales are quite good on furnishings and electronics as people spend more on “things” rather than traveling.  Since this is a technology blog i’ll ignore the tourist industry side of this and deal with the tech part, which is mostly about being entertained in your own home and doing it in comfort.  A big part of the whole entertainment room for most is the TV, typically a flatscreen panel either LCD or Plasma, coupled with a good surround system and furniture that is not only stylish but functional and well suited for your home theatre room.  Integrating all these components along with your home network is where the fun begins.  There are a number of ways of getting the files off your computer onto your TV, from simply burning info onto a disk, to connecting a flashdrive to your tv or even as some of the latest tv’s have (Samsung has a few like this that are truly breathtaking), connecting directly to your network wirelessly or by ethernet.  Western Digital has a neat little gadget (WD TV HD Media Player) that works as the link between your tv and your computer, or your XBox360 will also allow you to connect to your computer as well, or if you like, do it the sneaker net way as i do and use a flashdrive in the usb port of my Xbox and watch avi’s right off the flashdrive.

So is technology keeping pace with the changing times and attitudes or are the times changing because of technology?  kind of a chicken and the egg paradox isn’t it?  One thing is for certain, unless the Cineplex’s and Famous Players of the world start to do something better and cheaper the movement will continue and leave them with their stale popcorn, watered down pop and overpriced bags of candy and a whole lot more empty seats at each inconveniently timed showing.


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