Makes you rethink the quote about “Keep your friends close…”

Posted: August 16, 2009 in blogging, social networking
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The tech world is an ever changing place, specifically the world wide web and all it entails. From social networking to web presence, to online shopping, it is constantly evolving and changing, mostly for the better, and people and businesses need to keep up with it and use it in ways that can help them grow their businesses and their relationships, but may need to retain a separation between the two, or in the least remember that what you say is very difficult to retract or fix after the fact.

One thing to remember is that what you post and do in some applications or places is now being seen by many many people, and as this poor woman found out the hard way in this article from the Toronto Star you should be very careful what you say and remember who is listening. For her it was her boss on Facebook that was a “friend” who saw her rant and terminated her for it.  I personally don’t think it was the correct way to handle the situation by firing her in a response on FB, a simple post telling her to be in the bosses office first thing the next day would have been better, but i also don’t think there is a legal reason or restriction that would preclude the boss from using the same social networking media she used to let her know she was no longer employed.

Many thanks to an old friend (who may or may not read this post, but just in case he does i want to give him credit) for the heads up about this article, it makes you rethink who you let in on your friends lists, and how transparent you make yourself on the internet.  I  have always treated the online world as this – Never post or publish anything you would not want your mother/spouse/kids or friends to read.  Maybe that should be simply changed to “…the world to read” since, once something is out there and its interesting enough it can spread like wildfire throughout the online world before you know it, and as the article points out “the internet is forever”.



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