iPhone skin: iDevil, a must have for the clumsy amongst us

Posted: August 29, 2009 in hardware, technology
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I’ve had my iPhone for a while now and its always a constant companion in my pocket ready to be used for just about everything, but occasionally it has been overzealous and slid out of my pocket on its own to thud to the floor. Thankfully it has not been injured or damaged in any way in doing so. I never liked the holster idea for carrying a cel phone/smart phone on my belt so i hadn’t really given the idea of a protective case much thought. After all, why would i want to detract from the design of the sleek smooth clean looking iPhone.

A few weeks ago, my wife who often doesn’t listen to me when i rant, bought me a silicone skin for my iPhone even though i had previously said i didn’t want a case of any kind, and much to my surprise i found it cute, fun, and useful.  Its a very simple skin really that slips on and off the iPhone with ease and has a cute little devil face on the back,  an opening in the bottom for charger connection, opening in the top for the headphones and an opening on the side for the mute switch.  Other than that everything is covered, but works well and the little devil face that covers the button on the front of the iPhone is raised enough to make finding it in the dark easier.  Volume buttons and power/sleep button are covered but work flawlessly regardless, and the rubber-like finish gives the iPhone an easier surface to grip – one that actually grips a little to pocket fabric stopping my iPhone from its escape attempts.

As strange or silly as the little devil horns might seem, they serve a great use as a place to hold the iPhone when taking pictures in landscape mode which is something i do very frequently for work and also for play since as i have mentioned i always have it with me.  I take a lot of photos with my iPhone and by holding the little devil horns i am no longer accidently getting my finger in the corner of pictures anymore, for which i am thankful.  I won’t tell you how many times i’ve ruined a good shot with a portion of my finger obscuring the lens of the camera as i snap the picture.

The thin layer of silicone may not provide much bump protection but does give you a bit of cushion for the occasional bump and also protects the back and sides of the iPhone preventing any further scratching, and all this for under $10.  For anyone who is slightly clumsy and needs something to give a better grip to a slick-and-oh-so-smooth smart phone, this is a no-brainer purchase, or a gift for someone who is stubborn and thinks they know better, as mine was.



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