Think. create. imagine.

Posted: September 27, 2009 in Uncategorized

I’m taking a little different slant to my post this time, its tech based, but more of a thought-provoking pondering entry i hope.  Let me explain.

I was leafing through Reader’s Digest recently and saw an article about reading electronic pulses in the brain and using them to enable switches to be turned on and off. As incredible as this is, i was immediately hit with the question “what would happen if we all worked together on problems?”  What i mean by that is we have all kinds of amazing talent out there doing some really incredible things, robots that can walk on their own, labs growing replacement organs, parts and skin, virtual computing devices being developed, – the list goes on and on.

But what i wonder is, if we were to take the brightest and best and get them all together to work on particular problem or idea, could we for instance, create an artificial organ that lasts more than a few years, or cure a disease, or create a power source that could be used in any vehicle and eliminate our reliance on fossil fuels?  Science Fiction has always been good for pushing the limits of what we can do and create.  Star Trek is a great example of this.  Someone had the foresight to imagine communication devices that were wireless, lasers weapons, and lighter weight alloys that could be used in construction, and all of these things dreamt up in the 1960’s.  So, who are the motivating thinkers now?  Who is driving the inventors and scientists and engineers?

I think the answer is pretty much the same as it was before, the imagination of writers.  Its just that now, there are many mores types of writers and ways for them to get their ideas out there.  Whether its the game developers dreaming up weapons and costumes and equipment (have you seen the military combat suit that looks like the master chief from Halo?), or sci-fi writers coming up with new and wonderful ways to get around or get things done or make our lives easier, it all comes down to one thing – imagination. Imagination is key, but getting the ideas out there is just as important, and this brings me back to collaboration.  Think tanks or brainstorming are great ways to solve a problem, just throwing ideas around and building on them without worry of sounding stupid, everyone checks their ego at the door and doesn’t shoot each other down regardless of how silly the idea or comment may be.  Can you imagine what would have happened if creative thinkers had listened to the naysayers before inventing things that we now take for granted and use every day? Something as simple as a tea bag came out of a necessity and was probably looked at incredulously at the time. (yes, i’m sitting here drinking a cup of tea as i write this post – but you get the point)

So, think, create, imagine, and get your ideas out there.  Whether its blogging, talking, writing, or scribbling sketches on paper, it just may be the catalyst for something incredible.


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