BlackBerry Desktop Manager: its about time

Posted: October 5, 2009 in hardware, Mac OSX
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When i had my BlackBerry, one of the things that annoyed me most (aside from the fact it died so quickly that is) was the fact that there was no native blackberry program available for the mac. Sure you could use PocketMac for BlackBerry or The Missing Sync for BlackBerry (here’s my review of that), but they were not actual BlackBerry programs but third party applications.

The new software allows synchronization of your iTunes music through BlackBerry Media Sync, contact and calendar syncing, and the ability to backup & restore, as well as adding & removing applications from your BlackBerry.   Pretty much everything that windows users have had for some time, is now finally available for mac users as well, only with a bit of mac flair that in my opinion always seems to mean the interface looks cleaner and crisper. The software is available now as a free download from  (grab it here).  Its relatively small for what it is, coming in at just over 26 meg but i think the BlackBerry code monkeys have always been good at keeping their software tight and well coded and it seems to roll-over onto their Mac app.

bb-desktop-managerRemem ber this is a 1.0 so expect updates to it soon, and so far it seems like it is only working with the later versions of Mac OS and the BB OS, so if you are still running Tiger or haven’t bothered updating your BB for a while you will need to do that first.  So far from what i’ve seen, its a good offering and fills a niche that in my opinion should never have been left empty in the first place.



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